The first Step: Live business of agroforestry support charity (AGROFORESTRY AID) .

 This enterprise regularly holds a live charity by the cooperation of artist + music fan + support enterprise that agrees to this corporate outline, and saves the contribution by the charity in “Agroforestry (AF) fund”.  The AF fund is used as the original capital of the agroforestry spread support activity such as tropical forests in the object country.

The second Step: AF support music distribution project(AF Music Distribution).

 This project, by collaborating with artists who agree with VERSTA’s vision, by distributing music artists’ music worldwide, 1% of the original use fee of music will be accumulated as VERSTA’s “AF Fund” ,we will make use of it for palm AF support activities. In addition, collaborators to the AF Foundation will announce their name and charity amount on the VERSTA website.

The third Step: AF cultivation method establishment support project.

 This project aims to regenerate and preserve the native forest by establishing and disseminating the agroforestry cultivation method of the support area through collaboration with VERSTA’s counterpart activity group.

The fourth Step: AF fruit commercialization support project(High value added support).

 This project promotes local introduction of Japanese fruit processing technology and health food manufacturing technology in order to support the high added value of agroforestry fruit products at the VERSTA’s support site and adds value to agroforestry fruits, and then we will seek to sustain farmers’ management.