The increase in population and the growth of economic activities of recent years has brought expanded use of fossil fuel and has led to extensive deforestation.  As a result, the rise in global carbon dioxide (CO2) levels lets greenhouse gas increase rapidly, and it global warming has been linked to abnormal weather.

NPO VERSTA was established to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society and the promotion of sustainable global environment maintenance. We support the spread of agroforestry attracting global attention to the use of sound agricultural methods to help reproduction and the maintenance of key natural environments such as tropical rain forests.

VERSTA is preparing to launch an event series from this year called “Agroforestry Support Charity Live(AF AID) “. The program will recruit participants and sponsors from individuals and business to spread general awareness and support of agroforestry. Eventually, VERSTA would like to have this program continue on a long-term basis.

To ensure the future success of this project, VERSTA respectfully requests your understanding of our purpose and your approval of the use of your embassy/mission name as a supporting entity of AF AID.

(*1)The name VERSTA is a combination of “green” (VERDE)and festival days (FESTIVAL) taken from Portuguese and Spanish, to mean “green public holidays and festival days”. VERSTA has applied for official NPO authorization.

(*2)Agroforestry (AF) is agricultural methods aimed at the stabilization of the farmhouse income by combining agricultural and forestry management techniques. AF prevents illegal deforestation and enables maintenance and reproduction of natural environments such as tropical rain forests.